As companies realize the value that mobility brings to the workforce, Wireless LANs are becoming a strategic element of the network infrastructure. The challenge is how to get all the benefits without any of the security, manageability and scalability risks that frequently accompany 802.11 a/b/g solutions.

Needless to say, wireless radio technology is very different from wired Category 5e/6 infrastructures. When we survey a wireless site, we will:

  • Insure proper overall signal coverage
  • Determine ideal access point placement and output power
  • Pinpoint areas of noise and channel interference
  • Identify client roaming areas
  • Emulate client experience in terms of speed, retry and packet loss
  • Insure adequate bandwidth and speed for any VLAN

BRIO Professional Services has the necessary tools to survey, design and secure wireless networks as an extension of their wired counterparts. Wireless LANs demand a comprehensive solution for monitoring security policies, detecting attacks, analyzing network performance, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and plan the network itself. For these reasons, we specialize in the implementation of wireless solutions from Cisco and Nortel Networks.