Over time, the quality of your network may be adversely affected by numerous additions and changes. Likewise, your network may become strained by the rapidly increasing bandwidth demands of today's applications. Unfortunately, problems only come to light when users experience poor response time. Many different solutions exist that will temporarily improve network performance. Our objective is to find the source of the problem and to avoid needless expenditures.

BRIO Professional Services offers GridWorks, our LAN health check service to provide a network assessment and to recommend solutions to specific problems or irregularities found. The Gridworks methodology inspects your IP traffic in conjunction with the quality of your cabling infrastructure. This dual focus permits us to offer a value added solution that goes beyond the scope of individual cabling contractors or LAN integrators. The Gridworks Inspection evaluates:

  • Adherence to standards
  • Closet clean-up
  • Documentation
  • Labeling
  • Home-made patch cables
  • SNMP monitoring and testing
  • Identification of weak links
  • Re-certification of questionable links
  • Speed reports
  • IP address listings
  • Monitor reports (bandwidth and throughput)

The SNMP monitoring console is a secure network management system that delivers real-time monitoring for your entire network infrastructure. This non-invasive tool will auto discover all active IP addresses and monitor SNMP devices, WAN Links, Servers and Applications. The objective is to find the highest traffic links, identify protocol errors and permit a focused diagnosis of specific problems. Once the physical and protocol problems are cleared, the SNMP monitoring can be implemented as an ongoing managed service.