The networks that support your business have become both complex and mission critical. If you experience a network disruption, or even if your network fails to function at the required performance level, you could effectively be closed for business.

With the addition of new users, applications and multimedia traffic over time to your local area network architecture, your network may no longer be designed to effectively handle your current traffic requirements. From another perspective, you may need to evaluate the impact and feasibility of adding IP based voice and video applications to your foundation. Wireless, mobile and secure access is a both a requirement and a concern.

BRIO Professional Services is an independent integrator of Local Area Network solutions. We are in a position to analyse your requirements, design the ideal architecture, source the most cost effective hardware/software and implement the required LAN configuration. We may integrate products from multiple vendors and technology providers to provide the exact level of price/performance/security that you need to achieve for your business operations.