BRIO Professional Services is an integrator for the best of breed network infrastructure tracking, reporting and asset management systems. Our software and hardware solutions can provide the link between an organizations's physical and logical layers - as part of an end-to-end network management solution. Our real-time systems can turn any network into an intelligent infrastructure - reducing downtime, increasing productivity and enhancing asset utilization and security.

iTRACS software addresses business and Information Technology imperatives by providing critical device, user location and status information to network, security and operations systems. iTRACS can help your business in four major areas:

  • Security
  • Discovery of unauthorized devices, unauthorized activities, wireless networks
  • Business Continuity
  • Mission critical operation, disaster preparedness, risk prevention and protection
  • Compliance
  • Government policies, regulatory and business standards
  • Best Practices
  • Asset utilization, asset tracking, asset inventory, efficiency, effectiveness and the competitive advantage

Recognized as the world's leading intelligent infrastructure solution, iTRACS is more than a cable management system. iTRACS software and hardware continuously monitor your network - increasing productivity, strengthening network security, improving asset utilization, asset tracking and enhancing service levels. Here is an overview of the solution's capabilities:

  • Retrofits to any existing network hardware
  • Identifies workarounds to decrease network downtime
  • Reduces MAC costs substantially
  • Enhances security in data centers and wiring closets
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Creates audit trails and logs
  • Self discovers patch cord connections
  • Updates the iTRACS database automatically when a change occurs
  • Updates work orders automatically
  • Differentiates between authorized and unauthorized changes automatically.
  • Instantly responds to changes by running event scripts such as alerts, email or even taking photos
  • Provides real-time centralized management

BRIO Professional Services integrates the Siemon Mapit System to build the intelligent infrastructure cabling system which manages and protects your IT investment. The system features iTracs sensor technology embedded in the patch panels and patch cords. When combined with iTRACS software, this powerful combination of products provides a whole new dimension of network management capability.